…to the Glengorm Wildlife Project, Isle of Mull

Launched in the spring of 2013, our new initiative showcases the diversity of plants and animals that call Glengorm home.

Whether you’re into eagles, invertebrates, otters or orchids… strap yourselves in for an exhilarating journey to Scotland’s Wild-West!

Meet our Ranger

Stephanie was born on a farm in Cheshire, spending most of her childhood outdoors. Her keen interest in Natural History was encouraged by her family, and she left home to study Zoology at the University of Edinburgh.

Before finishing her degree, Steph secured a position as a Bird Keeper at RZSS Edinburgh Zoo. She went on to work for Bristol Zoo Gardens in the South-West of England and the RSPB in the Cairngorms.

Stephanie is passionate about conservation both in the UK and overseas. In October 2014, she spent 10-weeks volunteering with The Ara Project in Costa Rica, helping to conserve and breed two species of endangered macaw.

In February 2015, Steph was the first ever non-employee to attended a 7-week training program at the acclaimed Aigas Field Centre. Here, under the auspices of conservationist and writer Sir John Lister-Kaye, Stephanie honed her field craft, environmental education and guiding skills – ready to bring back to her own project on Mull.

As we enter the season of 2016, Steph is getting ready to reveal some exciting new additions to the Glengorm Wildlife Project!

Watch this space…

Wildlife Steward