For Beauty Spotters

About 2 hours. Easy (with more challenging routes available – speak to your guide)

If you like a sea breeze, colour and contrast, then this is the walk for you. A refreshing hike that takes you along the cliff line, over burns and down into two beautiful hidden dells: Blue-bell Valley and Blue-bell Woodland. A quick scramble up to Jubilee Seat offers excellent opportunities for whale and sea bird watching. The birds are often at eye level as they ride updrafts from the sea below, affording very special views. Other wildlife is as above; with the addition of songbirds once you enter the dells. In late spring, the Blue-bells flower, creating a fragrant lilac carpet beneath the trees. Red deer can often be seen resting and a variety of Fungi are in fruit throughout the year.

*This walk can also be lengthened to include The Point and Flat Rock*

Fairly even under foot. Gentle slopes; a couple of steeper ones. Cattle-grazed pasture. Can be muddy in places