Join Dr Conor Ryan, Sightings and Strandings Officer for the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust, as we search for marine life from Glengorm’s cliffs.

Bottlenose Dolphins can be difficult to survey from vessels as they usually stay close to the coast. This creates a relative paucity of data on their movements, compared with other species.

Each hour-long session is geared towards gathering information on Mull’s Bottlenose Dolphin population from land. As we search, we’ll learn all about their identification, behaviour and ecology from Dr Ryan.

Dr Ryan hopes to encourage more people to try watching for marine life from shore and to submit their records using the HWDT Community Sightings Network.

If you have binoculars or a camera, be sure bring them along!¬†We’ll have a few pairs of binoculars available to borrow on the day.

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