“Kerry was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic. A very good communicator indeed. I shall never look at seaweed in the same way again and will incorporate in some of my cooking. 10/10”

Whether you are interested in foraging for your dinner, the health benefits of seaweed, or just simply having an alternative day out and meeting new people, our seaweed foraging course could be just for you.

With over 670 species of seaweed in the UK and around 10,000 globally, foraging seaweed for  your dinner could be a daunting prospect, but during our seaweed foraging course, our guide will help you to easily identify some of the key edible (and delicious) species that we can find on our shores.

Glengorm is an ideal location for harvesting edible seaweed, with pristine waters and an abundance of seaweed on our rocky shores.  The course will begin with refreshments inside Glengorm Caste where you will be introduced to the theory of seaweed foraging. We will cover aspects such as seaweed biology, the history of gathering seaweed in Scotland as well as the nutritional value of these ‘super-foods.’

After soaking up the view from the Castle, we will then walk to the rocky shore where we begin the practical element of the course. You will learn how to identify key edible species, how to sustainably harvest, prepare and cook them. The course provides plenty of time to get to know the different types of species, with our guide on hand to offer you advice and help you to collect your own seaweed.

Using seaweed collected from the shore and other ‘land-foods,’ we will whip up a delicious three course lunch, demonstrating how simply you can incorporate seaweed into your daily diet.

The day will end back at Glengorm Castle with refreshments, a seaweedy snack and a chance to fill your head and notebooks with seaweed recipes!


“Feel thoroughly educated in the basics of seaweed foraging! Thanks for all the recipes and tips. Would certainly recommend”

What’s included?

  • Introductory talk inside Glengorm Castle with refreshments and seaweedy home-baking.
  • Practical foraging experience with our knowledgeable guide
  • Lunch- cooked on the shore with some of your foraged goods.
  • More refreshments and seaweed snacks before you head home.
  • ID Guides
  • A recipe kit to take home

*Please note: this course involves approx. 4km of walking and will require some walking over some uneven and slippery ground by the shore.


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“What a beautiful, interesting and exciting day! I really enjoyed learning about all of the different types of seaweed. Harvesting and eating what you harvested was very authentic- the seaweed spaghetti was delicious! Thank you!”

“Thanks, it was really great. Definitely seaweed has entered my life! Just loved it- I feel very excited to try stuff. Thanks Kerry!”

“A brilliant day, covering everything I hoped it would, in a nice mixture of explanation and practical experience. I feel more confident about identifying seaweeds now. Useful, comprehensive info to take away and lots of yummy eats!”